At The Hand Center at Crawford Plastic Surgery, serving the greater Atlanta, GA area, Dr. Steven Bailey treats the common conditions and injuries that affect the hands, wrists, and elbows.


Arthritis is a condition that can cause pain, stiffness, swelling, redness, and a loss of range of motion in the joints. When arthritis affects the hand, or wrist, it can limit your ability to comfortably perform normal daily functions. We offer non-surgical treatment options, such medications and injection therapy to treat arthritis. In more serious cases, we may recommend surgery to reduce pain.


Bites to the hand, wrist, or elbow are serious, and should be evaluated by a medical provider as soon as possible. The majority of bites are caused by animals and carry a high risk of infection. The resulting infection can cause pain, tissue death, abscesses, cellulitis, and sepsis. In less serious cases, the wound may require cleaning and debridement. In cases in which the bite caused fractures or tendon or ligament damage, surgery may be required.


Burns can cause extreme pain and make it difficult for patients to move their fingers, flex their wrists, or bend their elbows. If you have suffered a serious burn on your hands, wrists, or elbows, Dr. Bailey can administer treatment. In the case of first- and second-degree burns, we may use antibiotic gels or hydrocortisone creams to help the burns heal. Third-degree burns require more medical intervention, including cleaning, debridement, and skin grafts.


The bones in the hands and wrists are small and delicate. When these bones are fractured as a result of injury, it is important to seek the help of a medical professional with experience treating these types of injuries to preserve the function of the affected area. In cases of minor fractures, Dr. Bailey may use a splint or cast to immobilize the fractured bone. However, if the bones have been displaced or blood vessels or tendons have been disrupted, surgery may be necessary. Once the fracture has healed, patients undergo therapy to return function to the hand, wrist, or elbow.

Ligament Injuries (Sprains)

Ligament injuries may be caused by trauma or repetitive use. These injuries can result in the stretched or torn ligaments, which can cause pain, limited range of motion, and difficulty performing routine tasks. Non-surgical treatment of ligament sprains includes the use of a splint for immobilization and NSAIDS to reduce pain and swelling. Surgical treatment may include pinning, reconstruction, bone fusion, or arthroscopic surgery.

Nerve Injures / Nerve Compression

Nerve injuries to the hand, wrist, or elbow may be the result of repetitive use, stretching, or a cut. These injuries may result in various symptoms, including pain, weakness, or numbness in or around the affected area. In some cases, nerve injuries may repair themselves on their own. In more serious cases, surgery is required to release pressure on the nerve, reattach the severed end of the nerves, graft a new nerve into place, or bridge a gap with a synthetic nerve conduit.

Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries can significantly inhibit the dexterity, grip, and fine motor function of the hand. It can also cause pain, inflammation, and tenderness in tendon injuries that affect the wrist or elbow. Deep cuts, crush injuries, and trauma can cause tendon injuries. Dr. Bailey may recommend the use of a splint to align the tendon and allow it to heal. In cases of laceration or serious rupture, surgery may be performed to suture the injured tendon.


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