Countless accidents and injuries can lead to serious damage to the tips of the fingers. In some cases, the tips of the fingers may be severed or seriously damaged. Patients in the greater Atlanta, GA that have experienced a fingertip injury can undergo treatment with Dr. Steven Bailey at The Hand Center at Crawford Plastic Surgery. Using the latest medical and surgical techniques, we can help address a wide variety of injuries that affect the fingers and hands.

What Are Fingertip Injuries?

The phrase "fingertip injuries" covers a wide variety of injuries that can affect the fingertips. This covers everything from cuts and burns to tearing injuries, broken bones, and crushing injuries. This can also refer to injuries to the fingernails and the nail beds, or the accidental amputation of the fingertip as a result of a cutting or crushing injury.

Fingertip injuries are one of the most common hand injuries that people experience. They can occur at home, on the job, and even when playing sports.

Symptoms of Fingertip Injuries

Given the wide variety of injuries that can affect the fingertips, the symptoms can vary from injury to injury.

Causes of Fingertip Injuries

There are many different potential causes of fingertip injuries. Work injuries, sports injuries, injuries sustained in vehicle accidents, power tool injuries, and injuries sustained in physical assaults are all common causes of fingertip injuries.

Types of Fingertip Injuries

There are as many types of fingertip injuries as there are causes. Below are some of the most common types of injuries that affect the fingertips.

  • Cuts: This refers to various kinds of cuts that can affect the fingertips.
  • Breaks and Tears: Broken bones and torn tendons can lead to a number of fingertip problems.
  • Crushing: Heavy objects, tools, or doors can crush the fingertips and be quite painful.
  • Amputation: This refers to instances in which the fingertip is amputated from the rest of the finger.
  • Nail Injuries: Serious injuries to the nails can lead to the loss of a whole nail, part of the nail, or the severe cracking of a nail.
  • Nail Bed Injuries: Injuries that affect the nail bed could affect nail growth.

Fingertip Injuries Diagnosis

The fingertips can be more complex than some may realize, which is why we work to carefully diagnose the nature of the injury. When patients come to our hand surgery center, we will perform a full exam and take any X-rays necessary to ensure the fingertip injury is properly addressed.

Treatment of Fingertip Injuries

The proper treatment for a fingertip injury can vary. Sometimes, minimally invasive procedures are all that is required to address a cut or tear. Finger splints, gauze, proper medical dressing, and similar treatments can be used for minor injuries.

In the case of amputations of the fingertips, surgical reattachment is a primary concern. The sooner the process can begin, the better the chances are of successful reattachment. The condition of the severed fingertip will need to be considered before reattachment can proceed.

Recovery after Fingertip Surgery

Following any sort fingertip surgery, patients will be advised to get ample rest and to avoid strenuous physical activity. Surgical dressings or splints need to be worn as directed. In some cases, patients may notice only partial movement of the injured fingertip after surgery is performed, which is particularly true of reattachment procedures.

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