Microsurgery is a general term that describes surgical procedures that are performed with the use of an operating microscope and small, specialized instruments to repair structures that can?t be seen clearly with the naked eye. With microsurgery, even the smallest components of the body, such as the blood vessels and nerves, have the possibility of being repaired, transplanted, or reattached.

The development of microsurgical techniques is especially beneficial in the treatment of conditions affecting the hands. Using microsurgery, Dr. Steven Bailey can repair injuries of the blood vessels and nerves in the hand allowing return of sensation and function.

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When Is Microsurgery Beneficial?

Dr. Bailey may recommend the use of microsurgery to repair the smaller and more intricate structures of the hand. Some cases in which microsurgery may be appropriate include:

Hand and finger reconstruction: Severely injured hands and fingers may be repaired or reattached using microsurgical techniques.

Tissue transfer: Free tissue transfer may be performed when patients suffer from burn injuries or severe fractures with loss of skin covering tendons, blood vessels, nerve and bone. In these cases, microsurgery can be performed to reattach the blood vessels at the transfer site.

Microsurgery can dramatically improve the appearance and function of the hands. To find out if your hand or upper extremity condition can be treated with microsurgery techniques, contact The Hand Center at Crawford Plastic Surgery.